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Past Projects

Texas Fishery at Athens, Texas

One of the main attractions at TFFC is the daily dive show during which a scuba diver hand-feeds fish in the 26,000-gallon aquarium in the Anhueser-Busch Theater.  The aquarium replaced six (6) Metal Halide lights 250 wattage each, with four (4) Magnetic Induction 120 wattage. The lighting energy was reduce by 70.3 % while lumens increased and the reduction of heat from the Metal Halides resulted in less use of the water chiller.  This project was done in the summer of 2011 by EIS Lighting.

This picture includes Metal Halide fixtures and newly installed Induction Lamps.  Can you tell the difference?

Reduce energy consumption by 50% or more
with Magnetic Induction Lighting

Today operating costs of all business and government agencies are under scrutiny.  One major expense, energy consumption, can be reduced with the installation of Magnetic Induction Lamps.

At the same time, everyone is working hard to install the best light that offers long life and reduces energy consumption. The owners of 100 Throckmorton made that decision by replacing 43 Metal Halide lamps in their parking garage. They continue to replace the old Metal Halide as they fail.

This project was done spring of 2011.

EIS replaced the 200 Metal Halide and 30 watt ballast with an 80 watt Inductions lamp that uses a 5 watt ballast. This resulted in an energy savings of 63% per fixture.  Induction retrofit light kits have a 5 year warranty both for lamp and ballast.

Before and After on the East Side
A one for one replacement

Because of the success of this project, EIS was given 3 more energy reduction projects for DART.

DART building with 400 Watt HPS lighting.

DART building with 200 Watt Induction lighting.
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